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"Hey, what's Oppy?" 😮

First of all, it's an app available for iOS and Android, you dingus!! 🤓

Oppy is a social media app with the purpose to create a place where you can say what you REALLY think.

Help us shape the future of social media, join our Alpha and Beta by funding the project.

"What does it do?" 🤔

Exactly what you want! (crazy, I know)

Keep track of how many people disagree with you and see what other people think!

"How does it work?" 🤯

You want to share an unpopular opinion? Say less!

Say you have an opinion you'd really like to share with the world and are curious about how many people think the same as you. All you'll have to do is open Oppy, write your opinion and wait for the magic to happen!

"I think pizza should be a Human Right!"

of people agree with you

Pretty simple, right?

Only what truly matters. Your OPPYnion.

"How's it different?" 🤠

Oppy will allow you to check on what opinions people agree and disagree on, giving you a better idea of how the people around you think!

It also has a lot of pretty cool stuff, like:

  • Statistics
  • Agree/Disagree with opinions
  • Dark theme
  • Built with the newest technologies 🚀
  • Black magic
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Coming soon!


"How can I help?" 🧐

The app is currently in development and needs funding.

Please consider backing our project on Buymeacoffee to help us out, even a small amount will be of great help 🪙

Get great perks in exchange, like Early-Access and an ad-free experience.

Plus, we will be forever grateful!

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